Boutique Houses in Naxos, Plaka, Greece - Boutique Houses

Boutique houses in Naxos

Welcome to "Boutique Houses" in Naxos! Our picturesque beach houses in Plaka are situated in a magnificent location of a small distance from the sea. Found in an idyllic place suitable for you and your family, our five unique villas are easily accessible and cover an area of 5.000 m2 which runs all the way down to the beach. The small private garden full of local flora, the Cycladic Architecture and the unobstructed view of the Aegean Sea, all contribute to providing to you a lasting memory of the Cycladic landscape.
"Boutique Houses" is characterized by its eco-friendly construction and its distinguished material & furniture.

Our Houses & Villas

Our boutique accommodation in Plaka, Naxos consists of a complex of five two or three bedroom houses. The houses are eco-friendly and characterized by the material and furniture used.

Εco Friendly

Having nature and environment protection as our faithful guides, we decided to build an eco friendly hotel in Naxos, with respect for nature and man.

Our location: Plaka Beach in Naxos

Plaka beach in Naxos, with its golden sands and clear blue waters, entrances and captivates the visitor from the first glance. The picturesque tamarisk trees that line the beach lend a unique charm to this Cycladic landscape. The sun disappears right before your eyes as the horizon is painted a fiery crimson. Our hotel is at a 30 meters distance from this amazing beach.